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Vicky's Journal__x

You Are Never A Loser Until You Quit Trying__x

Ok , here's a little about me :)

1. I'm a huge Chelsea fan

2. My favourite Chelsea legends are Gianfranco Zola and Dennis Wise! Sadly I'm not old enough to remember Ossie and the other greats.

3. I want to be a Sports Editor so everything isn't biased against Chelsea, but I'd settle for being a plain old journo!

4. I'm a big fan of American tv dramas like CSI, Law and Order etc.

5. I love reading glossy celeb magazines like OK! and heat

6. I'm a shop-o-holic and looove designer labels

7. I love dancing, I don't care when, where or with whom!

8. London is my favourite place in the world, to me it can't be beaten and whenever I'm away from there too long I get soo homesick, it's my own little world and I love it.

9. My fave subjects at school were; Maths, History, English and Drama.

10. I'd love to travel America. It looks amazing! I also want to go to Russia, Australia and Iceland to name but a few places.